About House and Land Packages


How does House and Land Packages Work?​​​​​​​







Choose your block of land – 

Where do you want to live?

Choose your home layout design –

What home do you want to live in?

Choose your design finishes –

To seamlessly reflect your style


Plenty of Designs to Choose from

House and land packages provides plenty of design to choose from, whether you are looking for a single storey house with 3 bedrooms, single storey house with 4 bedrooms, or a double storey house with 4 bedrooms. Our builders will have plenty of house designs and configurations, ensuring that you will find one that is perfect for your needs.

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Extensive List of Inclusions

All our house and land packages includes an impressive list of turnkey inclusions right down to the numbers on a letterbox that provides the owner with the opportunity to move in or lease the property immediately on completion.



Your dream kitchen will come alive with stylish stainless steel appliances, contemporary tile splash back and ample storage space. Your kitchen will come fully equipped with cooktop, oven, rangehood, kitchen sink, and more!




Your bathroom can be a peaceful place to relax, rejuvenate and prepare for the day or a waterpark for little ones to bathe and play. Everything a family need is included. All you have to do is choose your colour scheme.




It’s all in the detail - how everything works together to transform a beautiful house into a stunning home. Your home will look freshly painted, with a 3-coat paint system. Easily wipe away marks, scuffs and stains; so the look of your home stands the test of time!

Shelving, storages, doors, laminates, carpets, power points, switches, and more are included in our turnkey package. Have everything ready and comfortable on the day you collect your keys.




Have a peace of mind knowing that everything your home need will be taken care by us. Our turnkey solution includes everything a home requires on the outside, including the driveway and front yard.






Our house and land packages allows the owner to select from a range of internal and external colour options and landscaping designs to fine tune the home and add those personal touches. The colour schemes have been carefully selected by our talented team of designers and will ensure that no matter what colour scheme you’d like, your home will seamlessly come together.



example of an interior colour scheme


To simplify the process, the Interior Design team have created a wide selection of internal colour schemes to complement our design ethos and provide owners with a long lasting and modern interior. 



example of an exterior colour scheme


Each external colour scheme has been carefully crafted by the Interior Design team to complement the style of façade selected and enhance the street appeal. 

You will be able to tailor the look of your house’s façade right down to the colour of the brickwork, roof garage, linings and more. 

It’s all about the impact your home makes on the street. A home reflecting your personal sense of style and presence can leave you feeling proud when driving into your garage after a hard day at work. Your friends, family and neighbours will know you don’t just have a new home, you have the best looking home in the street.




Bring your investment to life with landscaping around the home. Choose from different landscaping designs to customise your front and back yard. Each landscaping schedule has been carefully planned by the Landscaping Design team to complement the home and specially suited to the Australian climate.



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